On June 12, 2005, a dream was realized for the Down’s family with the opening of Downs Funeral Home of Marshall, Texas. Downs Funeral Home is owned by Keith and Patricia Downs. There are no partners or share holders except the Downs. Our dedicated staff associates are also all local residents. In this era of corporate funeral homes with outside investors; we are proud to be truly locally owned and operated.

Keith, a licensed mortician in both Texas and Louisiana, has 45 years of experience and over 30 years serving families in Harrison County. Patricia served this area in the medical profession as a registered nurse, but has recently received her license in Texas as a Funeral Director.

Some funeral homes serve a very upper echelon of families, and some are more of a budget funeral home. Since our opening we have selected the middle market offering a superior professional service at a more moderate price.

Our standard funeral service includes visitation, services in our chapel or a facility of your choice, lead car, hearse, and two family vehicles.

Please call for additional information for our services as we provide both traditional or cremation services.

903-927-1282 fax

4608 Elysian Fields Road
Marshall, Texas 75672

Downs Funeral Home
4608 Elysian Fields Rd.
Marshall, TX 75672