Q. Why should I consider funeral pre-arrangement?

A. Pre-arrangement allows you to meet with one of our Funeral Planning Professionals to select the type of service you prefer. This may include the recording of biographical information and or selecting merchandise such as a service folder, casket, vault or urn. You may wish to prepay for your service in advance but you are not obligated to do so. 

Q. Are there any benefits to preplanning one's funeral service?

A. There are three main reasons why individuals preplan their funerals: it relieves an emotional burden from those you love, you can express your own wishes, and you can relieve the financial burden from those you love.

Q. When preplanning, how do I prepay for a funeral service?

A. There are many different choices for families when deciding on how to prepay for a funeral service. After expressing your wishes, you may choose to pay by check the full amount for the service, set up a payment schedule, or deposit a lump sum to be applied for your final expenses.

Q. Why is a funeral service important?

A. A funeral doesn't just recognize that a life has ended; they celebrate a life that was lived. A funeral ritual helps those who are left behind to begin healing by focusing their emotions and bringing meaning to the experience of death. It gives permission to survivors to express feelings of sadness and loss.

Q. How can a funeral be personalized?

A. Personalizing a funeral service is becoming a wish that more and more families are requesting. Displaying photos, memorabilia, and treasured belongings, playing favorite music and placing momentos with their loved one in the casket are many final tributes families choose. These items help families remember to celebrate the memories shared with their loved one.

Q. Can I have a funeral service before cremation?

A. Cremation is not intended to replace a traditional funeral, it is simply an alternative to earth burial or entombment. The cremation takes place after the traditional funeral service has been completed.

Q. What services are available if cremation is chosen as final disposition?

A. One choice available to families that utilize cremation is having a visitation with the body present and a funeral service then cremation. Another choice for families is to have the cremation take place after the death occurs and a memorial service following cremation takes place at the families' choice of facility. A third choice for families is to have the cremation take place with no additional services.

Q. After cremation, does burial of the cremated remains have to take place?

A. Burial is only one choice that families can utilize for cremated remains. Some prefer to keep the cremated remains in their personal possession where others choose to bury. Scattering is also a choice and if you are interested, please visit with your funeral director for details about regulations in your area.

Q. Are there any resources for families on grieving available?

A. At the Downs Funeral Home, we offer a Healthy Healing Support Group which convenes twice a year, in the spring and fall. Each session consists of six meetings and each meeting is centered on a different part of the grieving process. Our library of books and pamphlets on grief are always available.

Q. Is embalming required?

A. State law states that an unembalmed body may be kept no longer than 24 hours from the time of death. After 24 hours, the body shall be refrigerated, embalmed, cremated, or buried.

Q. What if I die while traveling abroad?

A. When the death occurs, the immediate family or the next of kin should contact a funeral home of their choice in the deceased's hometown or city of residence. The funeral home will then make arrangements with another funeral home, where the death occurred, to do the embalming and set a travel schedule for the deceased to be returned home.

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